District Council Jhelum

Message From Administrator

The Government of Punjab has recently appointed the Administrators to look after the affairs of MCs, all around the Punjab
On behalf of MC and staff, I welcome You to UNIT JHELUM
District Council Jhelum website. Jhelum is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Punjab province. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service excellence for the residents. Our team is committed to provide services that serve to enhance the quality of life. 
I have always thought of public service as more than a jab. There's no greater calling than to be of service to others and no higher purpose, than to make a difference in people's lives. 
Jhelum has made a very positive strides in the growth and development of the country. UNIT JHELUM, InshaALLAH will continue to enhance a wide range of new opportunities. 
This website is one way for UNIT JHELUM to connect with you, and for you to talk to us; and we look forward to receiving feedback from the community. 
As Administrator of the UNIT JHELUM, I intend to work on your behalf, to create a healthy, vibrant community, focusing on the , public service.

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